Database & Application Migration

Zero Data Loss, Minimum Downtime & No Security Risk

Database & application migration needs usually arise from the modernization efforts of an organization, the need for reducing costs, and eliminating hardware management. Such migrations require careful planning, execution, remediation, testing, and validation to ensure a successful migration without any data loss and shortcomings. Every migration project is different, and organizations need expert support to evaluate migration readiness and take care of the end-to-end migration process for minimal downtime and smooth transition.

At Buxton, we have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with enterprise databases and applications to help you with your unique On-premise to Cloud or Cloud to On-premise migration requirements. Our highly skilled and certified solution architects and experts go beyond standard migration service and take a vested interest in your overall modernization strategy focusing on innovation and maximum ROI.

Buxton Database & Application Migration Services Suite

Driven By Our 25+ years of Consulting Experience

Database Migration

We help you efficiently modernize your database and dependent environments using specialized homegrown scripts for zero data loss. Be it homogeneous databases or heterogeneous, our database experts assess your migration requirements thoroughly, prepare a tailored strategy, and migrate your database with minimum downtime. After migration, we do complete functional and non-functional testing for optimum configurations and performance tuning. Our Database Migration process ensures your organization quickly achieves the performance, scalability, security, and reliability from the new database environment as per your expectations. We have unprecedented migration experience in databases like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DB2, AWS RDS, Google Cloud Database, Azure Database, and other unstructured databases.

  • Database Migration Assessment
  • Database Schema Conversion
  • Database Migration Plan
  • Functional & Non-functional Database Testing
  • Database Integrations & Deployment
  • Database performance management
  • Database Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Documentation & Version Control
  • Database Training & Support

Application Migration

For moving an application from one environment to another, you have to deal with hardware support to database support. We provide the fastest and cost-effective application migration service using our decades of experience and homegrown scripts. Our experts plan and execute an end-to-end migration process for both on-premise and on-cloud migrations to achieve zero data loss and minimum downtime migration. We have successfully completed hundreds of application migrations for a wide range of applications, including ERP, CRM, CMS, BI, Salesforce, Email Suits, Productivity Suits, Project Management Suits, and more.

  • Application Migration Assessment
  • Custom Application Migration
  • ERP / CRM / CMS migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Operating System Migration
  • Application Testing & Retesting
  • Application Documentation
  • Database Training & Support

We do it differently...

We approach Database & Application Migration as a multi-step process of assessment, planning, execution, testing, validation, training, and support. We also compare pre-migration and post-migration performance benchmarks to eliminate any anomalies and provide you with measurable results to compare.

Buxton Value

Our Database & Application Migration service aims to empower your organization’s modernization and scalability efforts. Our experts understand your business objectives and deliver a stable, reliable, and secure migration with a smooth transition to accelerate your business growth.

  • Managed Services Experience To Avoid Any Operational Issues.
  • Better Performance
  • Seamless Scalability
  • Latest Industry Best Practices & Standards
  • Ensure High Availability
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs and Risks
  • Improved Security
  • Documentation & Training
  • 24/7 Support

Let’s have a smooth migration!