DevOps & Automation 

Faster Deployment with Higher Security 

DevOps enable agile teams to ship products and features faster with shorter development and testing cycles. With DevOps best practices and automation, organizations can significantly reduce their product release cycle while achieving quality assurance and higher security. Businesses worldwide adopt DevOps & Automation for automated, integrated, and collaborated efforts that help their team move faster and reduce time to market with better products. 

At Buxton, we offer comprehensive DevOps services, including Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Testing Automation, and Deployment Automation to deliver improvement, higher quality, and efficient collaboration across product teams. Our DevOps experts hold extensive hands-on experience in leading DevOps tools like Docker, Maven, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible, Raygun, Gradel, among others. 

Buxton DevOps & Automation Services Suite

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

CI helps development teams detect problems early and fix them on time, while CD helps release products and features safely and securely to avoid production issues. Our CI/CD experts help you implement CI/CD pipelines with effective automation and cross-team communication to boost productivity and save time. 

  • Repository Setup & Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • CI/CD Tools integration
  • CI/CD Configuration Management
  • End-User Experience Monitoring

Deployment Automation

Every product release requires stable builds and correct configurations, along with a reliable end-to-end deployment process. Our DevOps automation engineers integrate industry-leading automation tools that help you rapidly deploy robust applications in a secure and reliable environment. 

  • Autoscaling and Load balancing
  • Automated Clusters Deployment
  • Deployment Pipelines Management
  • Snapshots Creation & Management
  • Server & Dependency Management

Testing Automation

DevOps supports “Testing Early & Testing Often” by integrating automation tools and processes for functional and non-functional testing. We help you take advantage of automation testing with DevOps practices to ensure that all the components and builds are tested properly throughout the release cycle to detect and eliminate issues as early as possible. 

  • Unit Testing Automation
  • Regression Testing Automation
  • Performance Testing Automation
  • Load Testing Automation
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Automation

Infrastructure Automation

DevOps & Automation is not limited to a single application or team. Our DevOps engineers help you implement DevOps best practices and automation tools in your IT infrastructure to support the development and deployment of various software and services with efficient resource utilization to drive cost-optimization.  

  • Real-time Deployments
  • Infrastructure Scaling
  • Code Reuse Provisioning
  • Automated & Instant Configurations
  • Centralized Management of Tools

We do it differently...

DevOps & Automation demands careful planning and implementation. Our DevOps & Automation engineers carefully assess your infrastructure and development process to identify challenges and opportunities before deploying DevOps practices and tools. With every DevOps tool & process implementation, we aim to realize the full potential of automation with immense focus on quality, security, and zero downtime. 

Buxton Value

Organizations can derive competitive business advantages from DevOps & Automation. Our experts have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with employing suitable tools and processes to reduce costs, increase productivity, ship customer-oriented products, and reduce time to market.  

  • World-class Expertise with Industry Best Practices
  • Resilient Products & Services
  • Reduced Cost of Testing
  • Better Security & Reliability
  • Higher ROI of Development Assets
  • Enhanced Performance & Stability
  • Continuous Product Releases with Minimal or No Downtime
  • Automated Rollouts & Rollbacks
  • Efficient Code Review & Code Management
  • Continuous Compliance Management

Let’s automate your deployments!