Application Integration

Connected Business for Operational Excellence

Organizations rely on different applications and business software for running day-to-day operations and serving customers. When such applications become huge and cause information silos, application integration becomes necessary to restore productivity and efficiency across departments. Enterprise Application Integration helps to share the data across applications seamlessly and enable the adoption of evolving technologies for competitive advantage.

At Buxton, we have extensive hands-on experience with end-to-end Application Integration of business applications, databases, and operating systems with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Our Application Integration experts help your organization unifying IT with your evolving business needs.

Buxton Application Integration Services Suite

Cloud Integration

We offer Integration-as-a-Service for public, private, and hybrid cloud to enable streamlined data flow within your business process and application. We deliver robust and secure integration for SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Third-party services, on-premise applications, etc., to enhance your technology ecosystem’s capabilities.

  • Cloud Hosting & Database Integration
  • Cloud Storage & Sharing Integration
  • Cloud Platforms Integration
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Integration
  • Cloud Enterprise Application Integration


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology helps organizations exchange business documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, transaction data, communications, etc. We design, develop, and integrate world-class EDI solutions to increase your operational efficiency and improve business processes.

  • EDI Integration
  • EDI Automation
  • EDI Data Translation
  • EDI & ERP Integration
  • EDI Standardization (ANSI, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and ebXML)


MuleSoft is an integration platform that connects Enterprise Applications to enable seamless data flow between on-premise, cloud and hybrid applications. Our MuleSoft Integration experts help you streamline your complex business applications with robust security, scalability, and reliability.

  • Mule ESB Integration
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Integration
  • SOA & System Modernization
  • MuleSoft API Manager Integration
  • MuleSoft Integration Consulting


TIBCO integration platform helps organizations connect applications and data sources for unified access and control with real-time intelligence. Our TIBCO Integration experts deploy world-class application integration and align business processes with efficient service-oriented architecture.

  • End-to-end TIBCO Integration
  • TIBCO iProcess Integration
  • TIBCO iDecisions Integration
  • TIBCO Business Events Integration
  • TIBCO Spotfire Integration
  • TIBCO GI Integration
  • TIBCO Hawk Integration

Oracle SOA

Oracle Service Oriented Architecture suite powers business processes with a well-integrated network of applications and simplify complex IT infrastructure. Our Oracle SOA specialists help your organization put together an effective SOA with mobile, cloud, on-premise, IoT integration capabilities for flexibility, performance, and scalability.

  • Oracle SOA Suite Integration
  • Oracle SOA Application Modernization
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Integration
  • Java Caps (JCAPS) to SOA Migration
  • WebLogic Integration (WLI) to SOA Migration

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi brings in cloud integratio n and management capabilities with comprehensive integration of your applications, data sources, and business processes. Our Dell Boomi experts modernize your IT infrastructure with enterprise-grade integration of your applications for better performance and efficiency.

  • Dell Boomi iPaaS Integration
  • Dell Boomi Master Data Management Integration
  • Dell Boomi API Management Integration
  • Dell Boomi Point to Point Integration
  • Dell Boomi Flow Integration
  • Dell Boomi B2B/EDI Integration


Jitterbit is a cloud-based integration platform that connects disparate applications, processes, systems to streamline data flow for on-premise, and cloud applications. Our Jitterbit experts help organizations rapidly build and deploy application integration to realize agility and innovation in business processes.

  • Jitterbit API Integration & Management
  • Jitterbit B2B Integration
  • End-to-end Jitterbit Integration Jitterbit Application Integration
  • Jitterbit Harmony API Gateway Integration

We do it differently...

Our Application Integration capabilities are built upon the foundation of extensive knowledge and years of hands-on experience with leading SOA & iPaaS platforms. We work closely with your different teams to identify business challenges and requirements for making the best strategy and implementing world-class application integration that delivers beyond expectations.

Buxton Value

We strive to deliver value-based application services that help your organization navigate the complex IT landscape smoothly. Our cost-effective approach with future-forward thinking minimizes the need for restructuring your IT infrastructure while achieving efficiency, productivity, stability, security, and scalability through robust application integration.

  • Expertise in Leading SOA & iPaaS Platforms
  • End-to-end Implementation & Integration
  • Cost-efficiency with Enhanced ROI
  • Measurable Results
  • Accelerated Service Delivery
  • Workflow Automation
  • Organized Business Processes & Operations
  • Interoperability of Data & Information
  • Better Communications
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Let’s streamline your applications!