Installation and Upgrade

Scale Your IT Efficiently

Today, every organization needs a sophisticated IT to run their day to day business activities. Operations, Sales, Administration, and Customer Support all depend heavily on IT to do their jobs. From installation to maintenance and upgrade, you need the best resources for planning and implementation with cost-effectiveness and minimized downtime.

At Buxton, we offer various ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) installation and upgrade services for businesses of all sizes with world-class expertise. Our technicians thoroughly analyze your requirements, prepare a suitable strategy, do the installation, and provide post-installation support with attention to details. We take care of all your end-to-end installation & upgrade needs on-premise or on-cloud, including Virtualization Environment Setup, Database Software Installation & Setup, Application Software Installation & Upgrade, OS, Network & System tools.

Buxton Installation and Upgrade Services Suite

Driven By Our 25+ years of Consulting Experience

Scope, Analysis, and Design

IT installation & Upgrade requires strategic thinking to provide the necessary IT resources to support business growth. We have the best minds in the industry who gather your requirements, analyze the scope, and design world-class solutions for your IT infrastructure with an efficient IT budgeting and performance-focused approach.

  •  Application Installation & Upgrade
  • Database Installation & Upgrade
  •  OS Installation & Upgrade

Application Installation & Upgrade

Whether you want to upgrade a single application or your entire application portfolio, we help you navigate smoothly through the complexity of integrations, configurations, and data portability. We ensure that your application upgrade integrates well with your infrastructure, and your employees get proper training.

  • Application Installation & Upgrade Planning
  • Application Roll-Out Management
  • Application Performance Testing
  • Application Configuration Tuning
  • Application Upgrade Documentation & Training

Database Installation & Upgrade

Installing & Upgrading the database is a complex process and requires a mindful approach to avoid business inconvenience, downtime, and disruption of services. Our decades of hands-on experience help your organization smoothly install & upgrade the on-premise or cloud databases securely without compromising mission-critical data.

  • Database Installation, Upgrade, Virtualization, and Migration
  • Microsoft SQL Server Installation & Upgrade
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Installation & Upgrade
  • SAP ASE Installation & Upgrade
  • Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Database Setup & Upgrade

OS Installation & Upgrade

Be it on-premise infrastructure or cloud infrastructure, timely OS upgrade is vital for your systems’ security & performance, and get the latest updates from your vendor. We have extensive knowledge of all leading operating systems to provide a comprehensive OS upgrade with necessary addons and minimized downtime.

  • Windows OS Installation & Upgrades
  • macOS Installation & Upgrades
  • Linux OS Installation & Upgrades
  • Server OS Installation & Upgrade
  • On-premise / Cloud OS Installation & Upgrades

We do it differently...

Our installation and upgrade services follow a unique Planning, Preparation, Installation/Upgrade, and Support approach. After gathering your requirements, we do a thorough audit of your existing infrastructure and explain every step and precautions we are taking in the process. Using our homegrown proprietary tools, we design and deliver solutions for High Availability, Better Security, and Efficient Scalability. We also ensure that all our installation & upgrades have world-class measures in place for Backup & Recovery, Monitoring, and Disaster Recovery.

Buxton Value

Our Installation and Upgrade engineers focus on delivering value-based service using their experience with a unique mix of tools and technical expertise. We make sure that your organization achieves increased productivity, stability, and scalability with every installation and upgrade.

  •  Technical Expertise in All ICT Installations & Upgrades
  • End-to-end Installation & Upgrade
  • Efficient Utilization of Available Resources
  • Scalable IT
  • IT Budget Optimization
  • Managed Services Experience to Avoid Any Operational Issues
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Service Quality
  • Robust Security
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Let’s set your IT up!