Take Control Of Your IT

IT poses many challenges that drag down your organization’s growth if left unchecked. Lack of ownership, visibility gaps, recurring issues, failed SLAs, and many other issues can impact your bottom line without comprehensive monitoring. Your organization needs a well-defined monitoring strategy covering applications, cloud, servers, network, database, storage, and other capabilities to ensure hassle-free IT operations with high availability.

At Buxton, we help your organization identify potential problems and technical issues before they impact your business. Our monitoring experts are well-equipped with industry-leading tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, Splunk, Nagios, Whatsup Gold, PRTG Network Monitor, OP Manager, Dynatrace, SolarWinds, ScienceLogic, Zabbix, SCOM, Datadog, New Relic, and homegrown scripts to monitor your IT in real-time and increase overall reliability and performance.

Buxton Managed Monitoring Services Suite

Driven By Our 25+ years of Consulting Experience

Managed Application Monitoring

We help your developers and operations teams fix application performance and security issues by proactively identifying them and providing all the information needed for remediation. We ensure that your business processes are running as expected, with a consistent end-user experience.

  • Managed Application Logging & Monitoring
  • Managed Application QoE (Quality of Experience) Monitoring
  • Managed Application Security Monitoring
  • Managed Application Performance Monitoring
  • Managed Application SLA Monitoring
  • Managed Application Backup & DR Monitoring

Managed Cloud Monitoring

We take care of monitoring the health of your entire cloud infrastructure, from applications to servers, to eliminate performance bottlenecks and security issues before they impact your mission-critical processes. Our capabilities with private, public, and hybrid clouds ensure that your cloud infrastructure and associated data is highly available and secure.

  • Managed Cloud Application Monitoring
  • Managed Cloud Server Monitoring
  • Managed Cloud Database Monitoring
  • Managed Cloud Security Monitoring
  • Managed Web Transactions Monitoring

Managed Network Monitoring

We monitor your network components such as routers, firewalls, load balancers, security protocols, email servers, etc. to ensure a reliable and highly available network. Any configuration and security issues are proactively identified and resolved on time.

  • Managed Network Logging & Monitoring
  • Managed Network Availability Monitoring
  • Managed Network Security Monitoring
  • Managed Network Devices Monitoring
  • Managed Network Software Monitoring
  • Managed Network Bandwidth & Traffic Monitoring
  • Managed Network Access Monitoring

Managed Server Monitoring

We provide comprehensive on-premise and on-cloud server monitoring for Virtual Machines, Oracle Servers, Linux Servers, Windows Servers for businesses of all sizes to maintain speed, stability, and security.

  • Managed Server Logging & Monitoring
  • Managed Server Security Monitoring
  • Managed Server Resources Monitoring
  • Managed Server Access Monitoring
  • Managed Server Performance Monitoring

Managed Database Monitoring

We help your organization keep your critical database’s health in check for business continuity and security. With a unique combination of homegrown scripts and best DBA practices, we ensure that all issues are detected and addressed proactively to minimize downtime and business impact.

  • Managed Database Logging & Monitoring
  • Managed Database Performance Monitoring
  • Managed Database Security Monitoring
  • Managed Database Access Monitoring
  • Managed Database I/O Monitoring
  • Managed Database Blocking Locks Monitoring
  • Managed DR Replication Monitoring
  • Managed Database Cluster Monitoring

Managed Storage Monitoring

Storage monitoring is crucial to the overall performance of your IT infrastructure. We take care of monitoring storage for all your IT Components, including virtualized systems, for performance optimization. We ensure that all issues are proactively identified and resolved to minimize downtime and delays.

  • Managed RAID Monitoring
  • Managed SAN (Storage Area Network) Monitoring
  • Managed Directory Monitoring
  • Managed Disk Monitoring
  • Managed NAS (Network Attached Storage) Monitoring

Managed Backup Monitoring

Backups monitoring is vital for your business continuity and disaster recovery. We help you with continuous analysis, review, and optimization of your backup solutions and processes to ensure that you have all the data, configurations, and files available to you in a healthy state for a speedy and smooth recovery.

  • Managed Onsite & Offsite Backup Monitoring
  • Managed File System Backup Monitoring
  • Managed Application Backup Monitoring
  • Managed Storage Backup Monitoring
  • Managed System Backup Monitoring
  • Managed Database Backup Monitoring

We do it differently...

Our Managed Monitoring services are based on 3-strike rules for alerting and remediation to avoid false alarms while ensuring that issues are validated and need corrective measures. This helps us automating the detection & remediation cycle and minimizing recurring issues.

Buxton Value

Through our Managed Monitoring services, we aim to reduce your IT burden and enable proactive practices so that nothing holds back your operations and organizational productivity.

  • Best-in-class Certified Engineers with Extensive Experience in IT Implementation & Management
  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring & Remediation
  • Better Uptime
  • Improved Performance
  • Track Availability & Performance Metrics
  • Alert Triage & Escalation
  • Continuous Service Improvement With Quantitative Analysis
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs and Risks
  • Robust Security
  • SLA Compliance

Let’s get your IT monitoring in place!