About Us

Buxton Consulting was established in 1993 by Jim Buxton with an objective of enabling clients’ success through a relentless focus on professional planning and execution using right expertise. Jim started Buxton after seventeen years in the IT Consulting industry when he had sufficient experience coupled with an entrepreneurial vision to carve his own niche in delivering exceptional service to the clients.

True to his philosophy, Buxton Consulting measures its success based on the success of our clients. With an average workforce experience of eight years, we believe in deploying experienced resources, domain experts and industry leaders to our client sites thus ensuring their success.

The themes that constantly reinforce the success story of Buxton Consulting are our focus on deploying experts, our deep understanding of client domain, proper planning followed by a simplistic execution that effectively and efficiently cuts through complexity and an unrelenting commitment till success is achieved. Over 90% of Buxton’s clients are repeat clients.

Over the years, Buxton has grown by retaining domain experts and exceptional professionals from a wide range of industries which include Distribution and Logistics, Financial Services, Health Care, Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance, Manufacturing, Software and hardware and Network products.