Performance Tuning

Better Performance For Higher Growth

Operational productivity, business efficiency, and customer satisfaction are directly related to the underlying infrastructure’s performance. From application to network, if any component in your IT infrastructure performs below a benchmark or expectations, your business processes are bound to become slow, creating a ripple effect across all the business functions to hinder growth. Frequent Performance Tuning of your systems ensures smooth operations and a consistent user experience.

At Buxton, our performance tuning experts help your organization optimize your systems and applications to improve the performance to achieve maximum ROI. Our comprehensive experience in performance assessment, planning, and optimization enables us to deliver speed, stability, and scalability across your IT infrastructure for operational excellence. We use specialized homegrown performance tuning scripts, developed with years of experience, along with world-class performance monitoring tools such as Solar Winds, Oracle Enterprise Manager, PRTG by Paessler, OPManager by ManageEngine, Nagios, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix, Spiceworks, and more.

Buxton Performance Tuning Services Suite

Application Performance Tuning

Be it your end-user application or a business application, a high-performance deliver customer satisfaction and increased productivity. Our application performance engineers assess your applications and identify the optimization scope to improve the performance and maintain it.

  • Application Architecture Review & Optimization
  • Performance Testing & Tuning
  • Database Query Tuning UI Performance Review & Optimization
  • Load Testing & Network Tuning
  • Application Code Review & Optimization

Database Performance Tuning

Every business process is connected to the database in one way or another. This makes database performance tuning paramount for productivity and efficiency. Our Database Performance Tuning experts have specialized set of skills to design, configure, and optimize your databases and underlying support systems to provide substantial experience improvement and performance.

  • Database, Server, and Cluster-Database Performance Tuning
  • Storage and I/O Tuning
  • Database Resources Utilization Tuning
  • Database Query Statements Tuning
  • Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB Performance Tuning

System Performance Tuning

From operating systems to installed desktop software, you need your software in a high-performance state for your employees to do their job effectively. We help you identify software performance issues and optimize them to accelerate your business processes and operations.

  • Operating System Performance Tuning
  • Memory Utilization Tuning
  • Desktop Profiling and Performance Tuning
  • CPU Utilization Tuning
  • Desktop Software Performance Tuning

Storage Performance Tuning

Tuning storage components play a significant role in overall system performance, including speed, throughput, error rates, and high availability. Our storage experts employ advanced configurations based on data characteristics to increase the efficiency of how the data is stored in your storage systems.

  • Storage Components Tuning
  • Network-attached Storage Performance Tuning
  • RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) & Cache Tuning
  • Volume Groups Performance Tuning
  • Storage Striping Performance Tuning

Network Performance Tuning

A high-performance network is vital for high performing individuals and high performing business. Our Network Performance Engineers with extensive experience in managing enterprise networks, help you identify performance bottlenecks and issues to optimize your network for maximum performance.

  • Network Hardware Performance Tuning
  • Network Software Performance Tuning
  • Network Bandwidth Optimization
  • Network Latency Optimization
  • TCP Layer Optimization

We do it differently...

Performance Tuning requires a specialized set of skills to achieve high performance. We follow the Assess, Architect, Implement, and Support approach for a thorough examination of bottlenecks, incorporating best practices and optimizing for consistently high performance. We have vendor-specific experts who design and implement performance tuning solutions tailored to your requirements.

Buxton Value

Performance Tuning is all about supporting business processes run efficiently with consistency, and Buxton is known in the industry for database, application performance tuning.  Performance tuning is in Buxton DNA. We strive to deliver speed and productivity with our every engagement of Performance Tuning services. From performance assessment to optimization to support, we ensure that your business runs smoothly with all the systems performing on the benchmarks.

  • Specialized Performance Tuning Skills
  • Reduced IT & Licensing Costs
  • Revenue Boost
  • High Availability of Applications and Databases
  • Enhanced End-user Experience
  • Improved Customer Support
  • Minimized Upgradation Cost
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Reduced Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Management

Let’s perform better!