Infrastructure Migration

Supercharge Your Infrastructure

IT infrastructure migration is among the largest modernization projects that your organization undergoes, and it must be a smooth transition with expected success and minimum downtime. Your web servers, VPN systems, Control Panels, Storage, Network, and everything in between need to be carefully migrated to the new environment to avoid any business disruption and data loss of any kind.

At Buxton, we employ the most experienced and knowledgeable technical team to handle your infrastructure migration to realize rapid implementation with detailed planning and designing. With our end-to-end Infrastructure Migration service, we ensure that all IT assets are better utilized with increased performance and improved uptime.

Buxton Infrastructure Migration Services Suite

Driven By Our 25+ years of Consulting Experience

Server Migration

Server migrations are full of surprises, from crashes to propagation failures. We have seen it all, and we take pride in our learning and practices that we have developed over the years for successfully migrating servers of all sizes and shapes. Whether you are migrating to the cloud or a newer server technology, our experts use industry-leading tools along with specialized homegrown tools & scripts to help you plan, migrate, test, and validate your infrastructure with measurable results and benchmarks.

  • Server Technology Assessment
  • Server Migration Planning
  • Server Migration Design & Risk Analysis
  • Server Documentation
  • Post-Migration Training & Support
  • Servers – Windows, Unix, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, CentOS
  • Vendors- Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Dell, Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, ODM Direct

Tools Used: Migration Manager , WebSphere, Carbonite Migrate, Velostrata, EaseUS Todo PCTrans, IBM DoubleClick

Storage Migration

With the adoption of new technologies and tools, arise the need for storage migration. High availability, performance, and security are at the core of any storage system. Our storage migration experts help you solve any challenge that may come during migrating from one storage infrastructure to another. By leveraging our specialized technical skills and homegrown tools, we reduce the migration time with zero data loss.

  • Storage Migration Assessment
  • Storage Migration Strategy & Planning
  • Storage Documentation
  • Post-Migration Training & Support
  • Storage Migration Risk Analysis & Mitigation Plan

Network Migration

Networks are constantly evolving and changing with new technology, growing bandwidth demand, and performance requirements. Apart from this, merger & acquisition and resizing also demand a network migration. With our in-depth network knowledge and expertise, we help your organization design and execute an end-to-end migration plan to meet customer needs, increase performance, and minimize downtime. We seamlessly implement and integrate new and legacy equipment, protocols, and applications to deliver a robust network.

  • Network Migration Planning & Execution
  • Network Documentation
  • Network Migration Risk Analysis & Mitigation
  • Post-Migration Training & Support
  • Network Migration Testing & Re-Testing

We do it differently...

Our Infrastructure Migration Service employs tested methodologies and homegrown tools to successfully execute, test, and validate the migration for robustness. Our experts study your migration objectives, do a thorough technical analysis, and utilize your existing resources with continuous monitoring for availability, stability, and security.

Buxton Value

We understand the business importance of your infrastructure. We aim to successfully complete your infrastructure migrations on time and budget with an immense focus on minimized downtime and zero data loss. Our Infrastructure Migration service ensures minimum impact on your business with accelerated implementation and minimized risk.

  • Hands-on Experience in Implementing & Managing Enterprise Infrastructures
  • Custom Migration Solutions for Your Unique Needs
  • Cost-effective Migration
  • Minimized Error & Churn Rates
  • Avoid Prolonged Downtime Risk
  • Measurable Results & Accurate Benchmarks
  • Scalable Infrastructure with Robust Security
  • Continuous Monitoring for Quick Remediation
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs and Risks
  • 24/7 Support

Let’s migrate your infrastructure successfully!