Thank you for stopping by on our site! At Buxton, we know how to leverage technology as a means for measurable business results. For over two decades we have had the privilege of helping Organizations choose, implement, operate, maintain, and support a broad spectrum of software tools and applications. Some clients have relied on our top-notch engineers to come alongside their teams to reach their desired business goals. We look forward to hearing from you as you peruse our service offerings here.

Remote DBA Services


To ensure your IT infrastructure is highly available, secure, and performing best along with meeting regulatory and SLA compliances, we assess your IT assets and deliver appropriate recommendations aligned with your business objectives & growth.

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Remote DBA Services


To achieve your organization’s technology goals and taking it to the next level, we plan, design, and implement future-forward solutions that are highly available, optimized for performance, and secure.

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Remote DBA Services


To support your IT operations and growing technical demands, we manage your network, applications, databases, backups, security, and other infrastructure components with 24/7 monitoring and support.

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Remote DBA Services


To meet your requirements for a wide range of projects requiring diverse technology expertise with cost-effectiveness, We have best-in-class resources on standby who can start delivering on your projects from day one.

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Sriram Rengasamy
Sriram RengasamySr .NET Engineer
I am very fortunate that I got an opportunity with Buxton as my vendor. Their team is very professional, transparent and helpful. Anytime I reached out to them I got an immediate response. Unlike other vendors, Buxton treats consultants very fairly and respectfully so that we love to be associated with Buxton for a long time. Reaching out to consultants on a periodic basis and hearing out our problems/suggestions made us feel good. During my tenure at SCIF, I heard people saying that we should refer our friends to join Buxton as they are the BEST among all the vendors in SCIF and they do not try to exploit consultants, as Buxton is very fair in their compensation for the consultants.
Manjunath Narayanaiah
Manjunath NarayanaiahSr. Oracle Applications DBA Performance Specialist
"Being an experienced performance specialist, automation and applications engineer I had a rare opportunity to work with Buxton’s principle architect where every conversation was a learning experience. Every member of Buxton were very professional and helpful."
Satish Vellampally
Satish VellampallySr. Oracle Applications Database Administrator
"Buxton is a great company with high standards. I worked with them for about a year. They have a meaningful mission, learning environment, and a dedicated workforce. They are outstanding team and I have learned a lot from them."
Kavnish Gupta
Kavnish GuptaBusiness Analyst
"I worked for Buxton Consulting as a full time employee for about 5 years between 2013 and 2018.  I worked on various managed projects, inhouse and at client end.  Buxton was very professional in all their dealings with the employee and clients.  The HR team and my Client Relations Manager, always had regular interactions and feedback sessions with me to discuss the project and personal goals. Buxton also handled my Visa and Immigration related work with thorough professionalism and I never had any issues with that. I would definitely recommend Buxton Consulting as an employer and also for short and long term managed projects."
Tanmoy Biswas
Tanmoy BiswasSr .NET Engineer
"I have been working at Buxton Consulting full-time for more than a year. It is a great place to work in, great atmosphere. Senior management is extremely approachable, open and forbearing. Team camaraderie is great."
VijayBalakrishna Girija
VijayBalakrishna GirijaWindows Engineer
"I have been working at Buxton Consulting for more than 3 years. Salary is paid on time and proper response within an hour for any queries, Team members and Project managers are very helpful."
Soby Oomen
Soby OomenSr. Oracle Applications Developer
"I have been working at Buxton Consulting for more than 3 years.Management is very attentive and responsive. Intelligent managers and executives who know their employees and make an effort to ensure that they have everything they need to succeed. Great People to work with."
Christopher Jordan
Christopher JordanSr. Project Manager & Scrum Master
"I worked as a Buxton Consultant for over 4 years and would gladly do so again. From the very beginning of the relationship, Buxton found the best consulting opportunities and took care of all the details behind the scenes with the customer. That same level of care and attention to detail continued throughout the many years I spent with the company. Buxton is a great company and any consultant given the opportunity to work there is very fortunate."
Michael Epstein
Michael EpsteinEmployee Benefits Advisor
"It has been a pleasure working with Buxton Consulting on their Employee Benefits over the past 20 plus years. Buxton Consulting is very open to new opportunities, possibilities and is very responsive to our inquiries and recommendations. They are extremely honest and straightforward and has become a part of our family.Buxton has always been a pleasure to work with and their administration exhibits the highest professional and ethical standards"
Eric Lucas
Eric LucasSr. Manager – IT Infrastructure
"Wilsonart has been very pleased with the managed services partnership with Buxton Consulting.  As a result of this partnership the stability of our IT environment increased tremendously. In addition, the implementation of regular service status meetings has kept the technical, functional & managed services team aligned. Buxton’s proactive approach and its focus on our short-term & long-term business goals has allowed us to provide a better service offering to the business."