Big Data

Make It Big

Organizations collect a vast amount of data nowadays from different sources. The need for driving actionable insights from Big Data is growing, and various platforms are emerging to solve this challenge. However, the Big Data ecosystem is fairly complex and evolving at a much faster rate. The choice of platform for storing, managing, and processing Big Data can impact your strategies and the value derived from it.

At Buxton, we develop custom Big Data solutions tailored to your business needs to achieve maximum value from mountains of data that your organization collects. We also leverage open-source and enterprise Big Data platforms to tap on cutting-edge technologies and seize advanced data analytics opportunities.

Buxton Big Data Services Suite

Big Data Consulting

We help your organization create a detailed future-forward Big Data analytics strategy and roadmap to implement Big Data solutions and manage data quality. We identify implementation challenges and practical solutions to remove all the blockers and reduce time to market for your business plan.

  • Big Data Implementation Strategy
  • Big Data User Adoption Plan & Strategy
  • Big Data Architecture Consulting
  • Proof of Concept Development
  • Big Data Management Recommendations

Big Data Implementation

We design, develop and integrate Big Data tools and processes to harness the analytical power from your data that enables deep visibility into your operations and customer behaviors. Our Big Data experts have extensive experience in solving complex Big Data implementation challenges using enterprise and open-source platforms.

  • Big Data Architecture Design and Development
  • Data Lake and Data Warehouse
  • ETL & Data Pipelines
  • Reports & Dashboards Development
  • Cloud, On-premises, and Hybrid solution Development

Big Data Managed Analytics

We set up and manage Big Data analytics and the underlying infrastructure to enable transparent collaboration and insightful reports based on your business KPIs. We also manage your ETL processes to maintain data quality and integrity so that you have reliable insights without worrying about data management.

  • Building Big Data Analytics Capabilities
  • Big Data BI and DW Management
  • Data Lake and Reporting Management
  • Big Data Analytics Governance
  • Big Data Analytics Infrastructure Management

Big Data Support and Management

We offer an array of Big Data administration services for ongoing support and management of your Big Data infrastructure. Our Big Data domain experts ensure the high availability of your data while maintaining high security, performance, and backup provisioning.

  • Big Data Users & Permission Management
  • Big Data Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Updating and Upgrading Big Data Softwares
  • Big Data Administration
  • Data Cleaning, Backup, and Recovery

We do it differently...

Big Data technology and platforms are changing rapidly with the demand for innovation and evolving challenges. Our Big Data experts keep their keen eyes on the evolving platforms and technology to employ the best Big Data platform and practices suitable to your needs with an innovative approach. We also leverage the opportunities to integrate ML/AI solutions with your Big Data solutions for staying ahead of the curve.

Buxton Value

We believe that every technology and solution should derive business values that help organizations grow and increase the market hold. Our Big Data services aim to provide you industry expertise to achieve your business goals with highly accurate predictions.

  • Extensive Experience in Big Data Ecosystem
  • Real-time Forecasting and Monitoring
  • Faster, Better, and Precise Decision Making
  • Identify Opportunity for New Products and Services
  • Deep Data Visibility
  • Existing Products and Services Optimization
  • Boost Sales and Retain Customers
  • Understand the Market and Customers Better

Buxton Big Data Technology Stack

  • Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Redis
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Cassandra
  • Kafka
  • Qlik
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • Scala
  • MAPR
  • Cloudera

Let’s put your Big Data to work!