Database Assessment

Strategize Your Database Foundation

Keeping your database healthy is vital for achieving the maximum performance and high availability of all dependent applications. Keeping the database architecture clean, identifying the scope of improvements, having an effective backup & recovery strategy, and keeping the database secure are some high-level requirements that make your database efficient. Organizations need a periodic database assessment to ensure that you are making the best use of your databases.

At Buxton, we know in and out of enterprise databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DB2, and other unstructured databases that help us deliver an in-depth assessment of your database on different aspects. Our database experts dig deep into your entire database environment to help you improve overall database performance and security.

Buxton Database Assessment Services Suite

Driven By Our 25+ years of Consulting Experience

Database Architecture Assessment

We do a thorough analysis and review of all database aspects to identify how best your database architecture supports your application and services. Our database experts help you understand how effectively your database foundation employs technology, configurations, security measures, and other requirements for speed, stability, and scalability.

  • Database Architecture & Topology Assessment
  • Database Clustering and AlwaysOn Technology Assessment
  • Database Current & Future State Map and Strategy
  • Database Platform Migration
  • Consolidation Assessment

Database Performance Assessment

A better database performance enables applications and business processes to run efficiently with high availability. We help you assess the performance of your entire database environment on different performance metrics to identify performance bottlenecks and scope of improvements.

  • Database Configurations Assessment
  • Database Query Performance Assessment
  • Database Conflicts Assessment (Locks & Deadlocks)
  • Database Capacity Assessment

Database Backup & Recovery Assessment

Having a robust back & recovery strategy with a DR plan is vital for business continuity. Our database experts thoroughly review your existing backup, recovery, DR solutions, and processes to validate recoverability and provide recommendations for improvements.

  • Onsite, Off-site, Long-term Database Backup & Recovery Assessment
  • Database Replication and Clustering Assessment
  • Database Disasters, Outages, Failures Assessment
  • Database Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Assessment
  • Database Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Assessment

Database Security Assessment

it may be the case that your organization does not have adequate database security measures in place. Our database security specialists analyze the security posture of your database, including data, database servers, database applications, and interlinked networks that help you improve your database security, confidentiality, and integrity.

  • Database Accounts, Credentials, and Access Assessment
  • Database Logs Review
  • Database Security Design Flaws Assessment
  • Database Vulnerability Assessment

We do it differently...

Our decades of experience with enterprise database, homegrown database scripts, and best practices enable us to map a detailed view of your current database environment. We look at every granular aspect of your databases, such as usage peaks, concurrent sessions, offending queries, long-running queries, I/O contention, index usage, and more, to deliver an effective assessment.

Buxton Value

Our Database Assessment service is aimed to provide you a panoramic view of your database and interconnected systems with recommendations on what to improve, how to improve, and strategies for future scalability. We help your organization prevent database outages, increase security, and reduce licensing costs.

  • Expertise with Wide Range of Databases and Servers
  • Useful Insights for Scaling Technical Capabilities
  • Enhanced Database Performance
  • Enhanced Database Security & Integrity
  • Database High Availability
  • Database Cost Optimization
  • Database Risk Mitigation
  • Database Current & Future Strategy
  • Detailed Reporting in Plain English
  • Improved Capacity Planning

Let’s make your database better!