Application Assessment

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With constantly evolving technologies and increasing complexity, organizations must be agile and proactive about their application’s health and performance. A periodic Application Assessment helps organizations understand how their applications are aligned to their business objectives and how efficiently they are supporting business growth.

At Buxton, we have decades of experience assessing Custom/Home Grown and Off-the-shelf applications for businesses of all sizes and enabling them to unlock the full potential of their entire application portfolio. Our Application Assessment service delivers complete coverage of your application’s functional, non-functional, and technical aspects to make them perform better and achieve maximum ROI.

Buxton Application Assessment Services Suite

Driven By Our 25+ years of Consulting Experience

Application Portfolio Assessment

From ERPs to customer-facing applications, organizations deal with a couple of multi-platform applications to run their business. Our Application Portfolio Assessment helps you gain comprehensive visibility into your applications to identify their Strengths & weaknesses, ROI, and Future Prospects with your business objectives.

  • Application Platforms Assessment
  • Applications Scalability Assessment
  • Application Transformation & Upgrade Assessment
  • Application Architecture Assessment
  • Applications Interoperability Assessment
  • Application High Availability Assessment (Identifying single point of failures)

Application Performance Assessment

Your applications need to perform optimally to smoothly run your business process and consistently deliver a better customer experience. Our application performance specialists thoroughly inspect your application, server, and underlying technologies to identify performance bottlenecks and recommend solutions for optimum performance.

  • Application Functional Testing
  • Application Non-functional Testing
  • Application Code Review
  • Application Stack Review
  • Application Scalability Testing

Application Backup & Recovery Assessment

Applications are at constant risk of going down and data loss due to various internal and external factors, including development bugs. Our experts review your application’s current backup & recovery strategies, measures, and processes to determine the smooth recovery from any incident and recommend world-class solutions for minimized Recovery Point Objective (RPO) & Recovery Time Objective (RPO).

  • Application Recoverability Assessment
  • Application Failover Assessment
  • On-site / Off-site Backup & Recovery Assessment
  • Application DR Assessment
  • Application Storage & Fault Tolerance Assessment

Application Security Assessment

Application security is vital for high availability and keeping sensitive information secure. Our Application Security Assessment experts thoroughly examine your entire application environment for vulnerabilities and endpoint security to ensure nothing is left for chance and recommends a prioritized set of remediation steps.

  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Third-Party APIs Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing & Assessment
  • Code Level Vulnerabilities Assessment

We do it differently...

We approach Application Assessment as a multi-step process of information gathering, review, analysis, and prioritization to ensure every individual component of your applications is scrutinized. Our findings and reporting help your developers deploy performance-ready applications with better security and scalability.

Buxton Value

Through our Application Assessment service, we strive to deliver measurable results that help your business make the best of your existing applications portfolio and add value to your service offerings. Our world-class methodology and homegrown application assessment tools ensure that you have complete visibility into your applications and get maximum ROI from them.

  • Extensive Experience with Applications Portfolio Assessment
  • Experience with Implementation and Managed Services
  • Transparent & Structured Approach
  • Developer-Savvy Approach
  • Clarity of Risks and Mitigations
  • Uncover Hidden Issues Not Discovered by Scans
  • Better Application Performance
  • Application Cost Optimization
  • Application Security Risk Mitigation
  • Faster & Low-Cost Assessment

Let’s Enhance Your Application Portfolio!