Cloud Computing

Digital Transformation with New-age Technologies

Keeping up with the competition in an ever-evolving business landscape is a challenge for every company. With technology playing a significant role in this, you need to adopt solutions that are quick to deploy, easy to manage, and efficient in scaling up. Cloud computing is a way forward for companies looking to catch up with their competitors, smartly, and innovatively. Cloud solutions offer the same technological advantages that big players have, at affordable prices with fully managed service.

At Buxton, we strive to transform businesses with world-class technology access and competitive cloud solutions. We have extensive experience and a proven track record in developing and deploying private and public cloud solutions. We specialize in all major cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, IBM, Google, and Oracle Cloud.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud adoption is gaining speed, as organizations worldwide strive to take advantage of migration to cloud which could put them ahead of their competition. The immediate benefit to cloud computing is reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and less hardware for IT administrators to maintain. Would you like to take the first step towards leveraging the benefits of Cloud? Buxton is offering for a limited time a free assessment.

Buxton Cloud Computing Services Suite

Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Businesses need flexible, scalable, and secure access to their IT assets. Enterprise Cloud Architecture makes it possible by virtualized IT resources that can be accessed from a private or public cloud. We design modern Enterprise Cloud Architecture to encompass your servers, network, storage, processing power, and applications with virtualization capabilities to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Designing
  • Cloud Platform Assessment
  • Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Setup
  • Data Migration
  • Regular Maintenance

Cloud Application Development

Whether you are looking for an internal application to manage your business processes or want to offer your services with the SaaS model, Cloud applications can open up unprecedented growth opportunities. We develop custom Cloud Applications that capture all your unique requirements to deliver an application that gives you an advantage of a reduced time to market with seamless user experience.

  • Cloud-Native Development
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Migration
  • Maintenance and Upgrades

Performance Management

Every cloud application requires monitoring and testing for identifying the scope of improvement and ensuring accessibility. Performance management covers all aspects of an application to provide a great user experience consistently. We specialize in cloud application performance management to ensure that your application behaves as expected under all network and load conditions with desired speed, stability, and scalability.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Cost Optimization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Application Security
  • Risk Management


Cloud application deployment and production server management require a strong foundation to streamline all the technology systems, processes, and practices. DevOps employ automation and leverage specialized tools to fast track the application deployment and support the entire lifecycle. We have extensive DevOps capabilities to automate, configure, deploy, and manage your application to ensure your application is bug-free with high availability and stability.

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Testing
  • Cloud Automation
  • Cloud Support

We do it differently

We advocate innovation, integrity, and ingenuity. We evaluate all the cloud options in the market for every business challenge and requirement and select the one that best fits your needs. We focus on innovation and optimization at every cloud solution layer to drive maximum value and momentum. From costing to scalability, we brainstorm on all fronts to deliver a cloud solution that not only provides immediate results but unlock new opportunities to fuel your growth.

Buxton Value

We understand that every bit of technology should add value to your business. That’s why we think about technology from a business point of view. By choosing Buxton Cloud Computing services, we aim to achieve the following for our clients-

  • Cloud Specialists with domain expertise
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Resilient and Robust Computing
  • Reliability and Scalability
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Mobility
  • Advanced Security and Disaster recovery
  • Cost efficiency and Flexibility
  • Strategic Value
  • Sustainable Computing with ESG Compliance
  • 24 X 7 Availability

Let’s get your business flying high with Cloud!