Info-Sec Management

Business Protection with Information Security 

From small to big, every organization needs to protect its information to avoid sabotage, business loss, and potential lawsuits. InfoSec Management focuses on designing, developing, and deploying tools and processes to protect sensitive business information from wrongly edited, updates, and destructed. Any compromised information can put your business at considerable risk while disrupting your products and services. 

At Buxton, We take care of all your worries and goals about Information Security with our Managed Information Security services for all your data assets, including application, database and network security administration, so that you can focus on running your core business. Our InfoSec Management services follow well-known industry standards such as ISO 20071 for implementing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) across departments. 

Buxton InfoSec Management Services Suite

Application Security

We help you uncover vulnerabilities in your software assets, be it a website, mobile application, or third-party APIs. We provide comprehensive user administration support and continuously identify and resolve information security issues related to authentication, authorization, configurations, data flow, and procedures.  

Cloud security

Cloud applications and storage offer significant advantages while posing unknown threats to your information.  We help you build and host secure applications in the shared cloud environment to ensure your information is never compromised.


We help you encrypt your business and customer information to maintain its integrity and confidentiality. We employ encryption to data at rest as well as data in transit with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). 

Infrastructure Security

Today, data flows from one device to another, On-premise, and outside the business premises. We implement information security policies to be followed by your personnel with their devices to mitigate security risks. 

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management is vital to any organization’s information security in eliminating information security risks before they impact the business. We continuously monitor your entire environment for weak points to proactively identify data breach risks and remediate them on priority to eliminate any threat.  

We do it differently...

Information security is paramount to your business. We understand this at its core, and that’s why our Managed InfoSec Services are built around the CIA Triad – Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Our InfoSec domain experts ensure that your information is proactively monitored, managed, and secured to maintain the core objectives of the CIA Triad.

Buxton Value

InfoSec management is all about protecting your business information and ensuring business continuity. Our Managed InfoSec Services help your business stay focused on its core operations while being worry-free about data security.

  • Certified Professionals (CompTIA Security+, CISSP, and more)
  • Managed Critical Information Protection
  • Managed Information Loss Prevention
  • Managed Data and Device Encryption
  • Managed Information Security Operations
  • Managed Security Incident & Response Plan
  • Managed Cloud Data Protection
  • Information Security Risk Mitigation
  • Managed Information Regulatory Compliance
  • Managed Information SLA

Let us protect your information!