Security Solutions

Comprehensive IT Security with world-class implementation

IT is playing a huge role in streamlining business operations and serving customers better. Employees can access company servers and data from the office as well as remotely. While this advancement in access and connectivity drives productivity, it also poses security challenges to the business. If your IT Infrastructure is not secured on-premise and on-cloud, your systems, as well as data, can be compromised and drag your business down.

At Buxton, we keep ourselves up to date with the latest developments in the IT security domain to implement world-class IT security solutions. We have extensive experience and a proven track record in implementing cross-departmental security solutions and policies to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Buxton IT Security Solutions Suite

Application Security

Be it your consumer-facing applications or internal applications, having all the right security measures is critical to keep your organization’s data safe and reliable. Any application has multiple endpoints that are vulnerable and can be easily exploited to cause unforeseen business damage. We specialize in identifying and remediating weaknesses in your application and architecture by reviewing, testing, and threat modeling. We also inspect different protocols used and implemented security posture to determine the reliability and strengthen application security.

  • Static/Dynamic Application Security Testing
  • Application Code Review
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Application Fuzz Testing
  • Architecture Design Review and Threat Modeling

Physical Security

Any IT infrastructure has interlinked laptops, phones, printers, data storage devices, and other internet devices. These devices have access to an organization’s critical business information that needs to be protected from theft all the time. So it becomes paramount to ensure the on-premise security for business continuity. We understand the need and importance of panoramic physical IT security to help you secure your IT assets and minimize points of failure.

  • Security Policy Implementation and Review
  • Electronic Security Implementation and Review
  • Access Control System Implementation and Review
  • Intrusion Detection System Implementation and Review
  • Networks Security Implementation and Review

We do it differently...

We approach IT security in a comprehensive manner to uncover existing weaknesses and future impacts by thoroughly inspecting your IT infrastructure. From application to employees, we ensure that a standard security policy is followed to reduce human error while eliminating vulnerabilities in your IT assets. Our team works closely with your IT and management team to employ accountability, integrity, and respective remediation.

Buxton Value

IT security solutions should have measurable results and business values. From design and development to implementation and maintenance, we make sure our IT solutions are tested against industry benchmarks and support IT operations. Our security solutions are compliant with leading industry standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and CIS Control.

  • Best-in-class Security Experts
  • Protect Business Reputation
  • Enhanced Data Management Capabilities
  • Efficient IT Operations
  • Access Control and Accountability
  • Avoid Fines & Penalties
  • Business Data Protection
  • Customer Data Protection

Let’s get your IT secured.