Incident & Threat Management

Business Defense Against Constant Threats

Incident and Threat Management is vital to any organization that relies heavily on IT Infrastructure for their day to day operations. It is essential to protect your data and prevent security breaches. Also, organizations need to have a response policy for a smooth and fast recovery from a security incident. Despite the importance of IT security, many organizations find it challenging to keep up with the dynamic landscape of Incident & Threat Management.

At Buxton, we help our clients have a robust Incident & Threat Management roadmap and processes so they can prevent, detect, and respond to any threat and security incident. We establish extensive experience with businesses of all sizes to layout a comprehensive Incident and Threat Management plan and implement it with attention to details.

Buxton Incident & Threat Management Services Suite

Incident Management

An IT security Incident causes unforeseen downtime and interruption of business services that can result in huge revenue losses and attract fines. It can put your data at risk and compromise SLA compliance, which in turn, damage business reputation, brand loyalty, and customer experience. We specialize in IT incident management across business verticals with a proactive approach to detect, classify, and prioritize incidents based on business activities. We do a thorough investigation, analysis, and remediation to ensure business operations run smoothly.

  • Logging IT activities
  • Proactive Defense
  • Incident Tracking and Alerting
  • Incident Categorization
  • Meet SLA
  • Improve IT Helpdesk efficiency
  • Streamline Incident Resolution Process

Incident Response

Having an Incident Response system is vital to know what to do when a security incident has happened. Most organizations tend to figure out the solution after the incident that puts their business at a halt and impacts financials severely. On top of that, they are either understaffed or unequipped to respond to an incident to remediate and restore business activities faster. Our Incident Response team is highly experienced in detecting and responding to an incident so that your organization sees a speedy restoration of all business activities and services. We work closely with your internal team to prepare them for future incidents.

  • Notifying impacted customers and users
  • HIPPA Compliant communications
  • Business Specific Incident Response Plan
  • 24x7x365 Incident Response
  • Immediate and Direct Remediation
  • Automated and Manual Actions

Threat Detection & Response

Attackers constantly watch organizations and look for vulnerabilities to launch their attack in active or passive mode. While the advancement of technology drives businesses to adopt more interconnected systems, attackers’ capabilities are also evolving, posing more threats. From sophisticated threats like DDoS to traditional phishing attacks, your business is at continuous risk of security and data breach. We help our clients stay proactive and manage threats by implementing a well-defined and world-class Threat Detection & Response system to catch any suspicious activity early and take appropriate action for minimal impact. We also employ automated tools that scan for vulnerabilities around the clock and alert immediately for a quick response.

  • Accelerated Threat Detection
  • Timely Defense and Resolution
  • Modernization of Cyber Defense and Response System
  • Threat Intelligence & Data Visibility
  • Risk Assessment and Management

We do it differently...

We take IT security very seriously, and it is reflected in our thought process, experience, and implementation. We not only transform traditional defense mechanisms into modern ones, but we also work on an innovative approach to formulate the Incident and Threat management plans that capture the future dynamics of IT security. We use IT data extensively to analyze the customer and user behavior to map the activities and implement a tailored alert system for accurately detecting and managing cyber threats.

Buxton Value

Incident and Threat management holds the responsibility of business continuity while protecting and defending IT assets. We work on the same principle and start with capturing your unique business processes and activities to implement plans and solutions unique to your business. Our Incident & Threat Management services are also helpful in optimizing your IT budget and educate your customers and users on how to stay secure.

  • Proven Track record
  • Minimal Interruption and Downtime
  • Quick Recovery and Restoration
  • IT services alignment with Business Priorities
  • Data Insights and Documentation for Future Incidents
  • Increased Productivity
  • Service improvements
  • Minimized Negative Impact on Business Reputation
  • SLA Compliance and High IT Availability
  • Employee Awareness

Defend your business from hidden threats!