Security Risk

Eliminate Cyber Threats Proactively

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of IT security helps organizations build a proactive and effective defense against cybercrimes. A detailed security risk assessment provides deep visibility into IT assets to identify vulnerabilities and a remediation strategy. Organizations need to do a periodic security risk assessment to mitigate the risk and avoid major pitfalls.

At Buxton, Our certified team of experts provides a clear-eyed Security Risk Assessment with in-depth insights to help organizations uncover hidden security risks and remediate them proactively. Our Security Risk Assessment enables you to understand the business impact of relevant cyber threats and how you can protect your business.

All-in-one platform for business

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Buxton Security Risk Services Suite

Hardware Security Risk Assessment

Phones, Laptop, Desktop, Router, and any other hardware asset in your IT can be an attack endpoint for cybercriminals. We thoroughly examine your hardware inventory and device management efforts for potential security gaps that can be exploited to put your business at risk.

  • Device Security Risk Assessment
  • Workstations Security Risk Assessment
  • Hardware-level Encryption Assessment
  • Security Update/Patch Assessment

Software Security Risk Assessment

Your business runs on the software. From performing day-to-day business operations to handling mission-critical data, software is an integral part of your organization. However, they can be easily hacked into and put your business at risk. We do a thorough audit of your entire software inventory and identify software vulnerabilities to help you understand how to remediate.

  • Software Security Posture Assessment
  • Software Configuration & Update Assessment
  • Software Security Patch Assessment
  • Software Hotfix Assessment

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Cloud apps and servers are always at the risk of multiple threats, from a data breach to complete disruption of service. Our cloud security experts help you gain in-depth insight into the security risks associated with your cloud tools and services to find the security gaps from all end-points.

  • Cloud Security Framework Analysis
  • Cloud Security Posture Evaluation
  • Cloud Threat and Exposure Assessment
  • Insight and Threat prioritization

Network Security Risk Assessment

Our network security expert examines the internal and external threats to your network with a thorough scrutiny of your entire IT network, including VPN, hosting, and other communication channels. Our Network Security Risk assessment helps you understand and implement adequate security measures to defend your IT network against threats proactively.

  • Network Security Vulnerabilities Identification
  • Network Design and Configurations Analysis
  • Network Traffic Inspection
  • Network Entry Points Risk Assessment

We do it differently...

IT Security Risk Assessment requires attentiveness and in-depth knowledge of cyber dynamics. We start our assessment with a discovery call by understanding your IT procedures and overall security goals. After that, we examine your IT for all the vulnerabilities by reviewing each IT asset and process for security risks. Our experts gather all the information, analyze it from different points of view, and provide you with a prioritized set of actions to mitigate risk.

Buxton Value

Through our IT Security Risk Assessment service and decade of experience, we aim to strengthen your IT security posture and protect your business from significant harm. We also help you make the best of your IT assets with a panoramic view of hardware and software inventory.

  • ISO/IEC 27001 Expertise
  • Detailed and Accurate Snapshot of IT Security
  • Comprehensive Assessment Aligned with Business Objectives
  • Severity Assessment of Identified Threats
  • Prioritized Set of Remediation Actions
  • IT Security Risk Mitigation
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy
  • IT Budget Optimization
  • SLA Compliance
  • 24/7 helpdesk

Let’s find vulnerabilities within your IT!