Network Assessment

Duration: 4-6 days based on the scope

Effort: 20-25 business hours

Dependencies: Client availability during the kick-of meeting, and details requested in order to perform assessment

Network Assessment is a process of evaluating your existing IT infrastructure, network management, processes, and network performance. This is done to
identify vulnerabilities and to get a complete view of the state of your network. Network assessment helps you make more informed and strategic business
decisions. It can help identify any issues in your network.

  • Overused or underused technology resources. Network Assessment will help identify underused or overused resources in your network and help allocate those resources more efficiently.
  • Bandwidth bottlenecks Activities like streaming videos, running bandwidthintensive programs, or downloading large files and programs may slow down your network speeds significantly. A network assessment tool will help identify and rectify such bandwidth bottlenecks in your network.
  • Trying out New Technology Options Part of the report that is given to you at the end of network assessment discusses which technology options might be a good fit for your current network and how they might be implemented. A network assessment explores integration points in the shortterm, medium-term, and long-term, giving you a comprehensive strategy for what technologies to consider and when to consider integrating them into your network. Older technology might not be compatible with your IT requirement anymore so

Scope of Assessment:


  • Account Manager Meeting Discuss Scope,
    • Customer business objectives, and any known issues
  • Scope and Scheduling
    • Account Manager and Customer scope to be assessed
  • Customer NDA – Legal for Assessment
    • Signed Master Services Agreement

Design and Architecture Review

  • Network Overview Architecture
    • Review for Modularity, scalability, and capabilities
  • Traffic Flow
    • Application Traffic Flow, Datacenter, Internet Edges, Client Access, WAN, Cloud
  • High Availability
    • High Availability at all levels
  • MPLS/VPN Service
    • Remote Office and Client Access Capabilities

Access Control & Configuration Management Review

  • Centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
  • AAA Review
  • Centralized Configuration Backup
  • Configuration backups
  • Centralized Configuration Automation
  • Configuration change capabilities
  • Configuration Change Management Workflow
  • Change Control Management

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

  • Central Monitoring/Alerting Capabilities
    • Management Platform utilization/capabilities
  • Syslog Capabilities
    • Controls, retention, management
  • Host End Monitoring/Management
    • Host detection/monitoring
  • Software Management
    • Deployment processes for upgrades/patches
  • Configuration validation capabilities
    • Lab Environment
  • EoL/EoS hardware and licensing
    • Process for Lifecycle and licensing compliance

Assessment Summary

  • An overview of the entire Network and its capability and Scalability
  • How is the control towards access and configuration management?
  • Determine the Capabilities & Shortcomings of Your Network

Assessment Advantages

  • Evaluation by our experienced Network Consultants generates current information about your organization’s IT as a solid foundation for streamlining resources
  • The assessment right-sizes your budget and capability estimate, to help avoid overspending and optimize the user experience
  • An interactive interview with stakeholders facilitates “buy-in” and aligns solutions with the needs unique to your organization
  • A written report by our experts provides the blueprint for a business case justification as well as performance, reliability, environmental, management, and security designs