Network Management

Run Secured and Optimized Network for Operational Excellence 

Your organization’s Network is the heart of IT and the backbone of your business. The efficient management of the network improves operational efficiency and secures your IT assets. From network deployment to monitoring, your organization needs dedicated personnel for network management to avoid any business interruption and downtime. 

At Buxton, we offer a comprehensive, fully-managed Network Management service for complete administration and security of your organization’s network. We take care of your day-to-day network operations as an outsourced team or an extension to your in-house team and deliver world-class Managed Network service to you. 

Network Assessment

It is not uncommon for growing organizations to come to a point of recognizing the need for a comprehensive understanding of all that occurs within their IT systems and the network that connects all of them together. Some have experienced unexpected failure of one or more components which might have been averted had a detailed analysis of its performance been conducted previously. Buxton is now offering a free assessment of the IT Network.

Buxton Network Management Services Suite

Managed WAN

We take care of your growing requirements for network resources from installation to maintenance to monitoring. Our WAN experts support your distributed network to deliver a consistent user experience and high performance with minimized downtime and SLA compliance.  

Managed LAN

Our LAN experts manage your day-to-day network infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity for wired and wireless connections with high security. We also continuously monitor your network to proactively eliminate any downtime event and regularly update/upgrade your network. 

Managed Virtual Network

We help you extend your network functionality and flexibility by virtualizing your network resource based on your unique requirements for agility and enhanced capabilities. We offer a wide range of network virtualization services, including WAN routing, Distributed Apps, VPN, Load balancing, and Network Segmentation. 

Managed Network Performance & Optimization

Our network experts do continuous analysis and audit of your network infrastructure to identify performance bottlenecks and defects to remediate and optimize. We do an in-depth analysis of network traffic, bandwidth utilization, and user experience to fine-tune your network and enable accelerated data flow and maximum security. 

We do it differently...

We understand all the vital components of a network (hardware, software, protocols, and connection) and pay individual attention to them to smartly manage your network infrastructure. We ensure that all the components are aligned with organizational policy and security standards to deliver a sophisticated and reliable performance.

Buxton Value

Our Network Management service is fully-managed so that you can focus on your business while we have your back to run day-to-day network operations. Our world-class experts, who handle hundreds of networks worldwide, ensure that you get maximum efficiency out of your network and stay secure to avoid any hiccup. 

  • Hands-on Experience in managing networks across the globe
  • Modernization of Network
  • High Network Availability
  • Reduce and Control Network Expenses
  • World-class Security
  • Timely Maintenance
  • Increased Productivity
  • Managed Network SLA
  • Consistent and Better Customer Experience
  • First Line of Support

Let’s run your network efficiently!