Licensing Review Services

Licensing Review Services

Today’s organizations need so many different types of IT systems and solutions that in a very short span the number of products and their licenses becomes too much to manage. Most large organizations are not in a position to accurately predict how many they own. One of the first steps towards taking control of your IT resources is to know what you own.

Tracking the entire range of software systems and their licenses is a never-ending activity, especially for large organizations. Buxton’s professional service involves robust products designed to perform IT Health check overview of your software resources. Our report helps you identify all the softwares installed across your organization, both locally and globally, a detailed breakdown of software-vendor map, highlight of over and under licensing and so on.

Today’s growing companies need additional licenses to support their growth and additional system requirements. On an average typical IT software license spend is about 30%-40% of total IT budget.

Buxton understands the importance of reducing the software license cost.

Buxton Benefits
  • Visible cost benefits by identifying any surplus licensing
  • Improve compliance by identifying corresponding risks
  • Establish a clear baseline of software estate