Test Eng. Services

Quality and Testing Services (Test Engineering)

The cost of failure has never been as high as it is now. Sometimes the cost is much more in terms of the loss of reputation, thanks to a smaller, more interconnected world of technology. In this rapidly changing business and technology landscape, where disruptive innovations like Cloud, Mobility and Social Media have changed the rules of the game, businesses are under intense pressure to get a greater assurance of quality before launching their product or services.

Buxton’s Test Engineering services can assist and assure businesses through our wide range of testing services such as functional testing, integration testing,performance testing and load testing through our Testing Center of Excellence, which provides an independent 24 x 7 x 365 testing arm. Buxton’s test engineering team uses industry leading automation testing tools that induce efficiency, optimization and faster scope coverage, thus saving considerable cost for the client. Our testing services encompass ERPs and custom applications. We also provide ‘Testing as a Service’, which assures project quality without the associated overheads of managing the testing process.

Buxton Benefits
  • Reduced cost of testing and improved product, service quality
  • Business users can focus better on critical operational issues
  • Improved credibility of IT
  • Improved confidence of your external and internal auditors