Infrastructure Services


Cloud Computing or simply ‘The Cloud’ refers to the latest technological practice of using remote servers hosted securely on the internet to store, manage and process personal or corporate data. Cloud has already been recognized by the industry as a disruptive technology that is changing the way most businesses manage technology driven processes. While cost saving is a major business driver favouring Cloud, so also is agility, flexibility, ease of maintenance, pay for use and speed to market. To help businesses leverage from this game changing framework, Buxton has developed a robust infrastructure that provides Enterprise Cloud Solutions to businesses as the following three options:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – This is where clients can access customizable cloud based applications (e.g. accounting, HR software, etc.) running on remote servers on the cloud
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – This is where we help businesses to develop their applications on a platform of their choice that we provide. Client can simply focus on developing the functionality without bothering about buying or managing the underlying hardware, sizing, provisioning, servers and hosting.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Here the clients can use the basic infrastructure of our servers, networks, data centres on a pay per use basis.


With the rapidly changing business environment, clients (internal or external) are always under pressure to have quality changes delivered within ever reducing timeframes. DevOps is the methodology that is IT’s answer to that demand.

DevOps is a software development framework using continuous involvement of developers, testers and operations teams through regular communication, collaboration, integration, automation and measurement of collaboration between the aforementioned teams.

Buxton has a highly experienced team of consultants that have delivered exceptional results for clients using DevOps. We have helped clients innovate faster by accelerating delivery, enforce a culture of continuous improvement and reduced feedback loop through faster delivery cycle.

Buxton Benefits
  • Shorter delivery cycles without compromising on quality
  • Quicker innovation and automation coverage
  • Disrupting a culture of working in silos and improving team engagement

Mobility Services

The distinct boundaries between personal and professional and home and office areblurring, thanks to the meteoric rise in disruptive mobile technology, applications and connectivity. This in-turn has been made possible by a steady fall in the cost of mobile infrastructure. Mobile solutions have actually made it possible to conduct business with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Buxton’s Mobility team helps businesses develop a mobile strategy along with a pragmatic and progressive roadmap, rapidly build robust, secure and optimized mobile applications and finally integrate and collaborate mobile solutions with traditional applications.

Key Mobility Services
  • Mobility Advisory Services – Understanding client’s business and developing a convincing business strategy and roadmap
  • Mobile Application Development – Developing applications that do justice to the strategy using the specialized development skills of Buxton’s passionate technical team.