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Forensics With a Keen Eye

Any claim of a data breach, financial fraud, IP theft, sabotage, and other illegal activities require following digital footprints and collecting pieces of evidence. IT investigation requires vast knowledge and expertise in forensic analysis of smartphones, tablets, computers, networks, internet, and hacking methods to uncover the truth.

At Buxton, our forensic experts hold immense knowledge and investigative experience to identify, extract, and put together hidden stories behind a claim with electronic evidence. We ensure that no digital footprint is ignored or overlooked while assisting you discreetly in complex and sensitive matters.

All-in-one platform for business

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Buxton Investigation Services Suite

Forensic Investigation

We examine digital evidence and do a thorough forensic analysis using specialized techniques to uncover the truth about what did or did not happen. We support our results with extensive report documentation and all digital and credible evidence for the authorities.

We use world-class digital forensic tools, including Sans Shift, CrowdResponse, Volatility, Autopsy, FTK Imager, Caine, and ProDiscover for accuracy and authenticity.

  • Computer & Mobile Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Financial Fraud Forensics
  • Storage & Database Forensics
  • Emails Forensics
  • Identity Theft Forensics
  • Trade Secret Theft Forensics

Evidence Collection and Preservation

Our forensic experts go through mountains of data, regardless of its complexity, and employ bestpractices to collect electronic evidence. Even if the data is deleted or tempered, we use world class forensic tools to recover the data in its original form for integrity.

We offer cost-effective and credible solutions and methodologies to preserve the collected digital evidence in a highly secure environment.

  • Forensic Data Analysis
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Collection
  • Data Preservation
  • Evidence Reporting

We do it differently

We take IT Forensic Investigation very seriously and approach it with a well-defined framework that consists of Imaging, Analysis, and Reporting. We first dig deep into data to collect all digital evidence and map them for a thorough analysis. Our forensic experts analyze the data and extract critical information regarding the claim. We prepare a comprehensive report detailing all the evidence and their conclusion for further proceedings based on our findings.

Buxton Value

Our forensic investigation aims to help organizations solve claims and litigations and protect their business from being sabotaged. Whether it is an internal threat or an external crime, we go all in to defend your business and speedy recovery.

  • Specialized forensic and Information security experts
  • Quick and Efficient Analysis of Data
  • Effective Evidence Collection
  • Immediate Prioritization
  • World-class Methodologies
  • Ensure Integrity and Security
  • Save Crucial Time
  • Reduce Evidence Pile Up

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