Covid-19 Announcement

During this crisis of COVID-19, our highest priority is the safety of our Employees, Consultants, Clients, Suppliers, and Stakeholders. As per CDC guidelines Buxton will not only emphasis on using the recommended PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and implement policies and practices for social distancing at workplace but will also entail towards customer needs realizing that remote support will be the new normal post crisis.

We have prepared the entire organization by thinking ahead of the curve as we face new challenges. We at Buxton have started the process of adoption and adapting to this new reality.

We provide our customers with remote support which in turn allows our employees and consultants to work from their safe space. Through the use of multiple available tending tools that we are licensed with, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, 8×8 “All-In-One Communications” and secure Virtual desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Virtual private Networks (VPNs), our clients are only seeing an increase in productivity. We have secured our infrastructure and enabled a secure remote working environment for our employees to provide an uninterrupted high-quality service to our customers

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