How Are We Different

We are different from our competitors in various dimensions such as expertise, approach, competitive rates and our values.


Our stringent selection criteria ensure that those who get selected through our recruitment process are nothing but the best, in their respective domains of expertise. The value is then passed on to the clients even as their skills are developed internally through a robust training program.


We deal with our business ecosystem, both internal and external, with honesty, transparency and professionalism. Our technical experts are lead by a management team that is focused on professionally engaging and supporting our clients. Our clients quickly notice this difference in us and find it refreshing.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are quite competitive to begin with. We don’t believe in marking-up before giving heavy discounts. We charge fair rates.


Our values of Integrity, Commitment, Respect and Excellence are the foundation and uncompromising principle on which the success of our company is based.