Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In today’s competitive environment, business availability and continuity is of paramount importance, even in the case of any unforeseen disaster, be it natural or man-made. While nobody can predict a disaster, businesses would do well to better prepare themselves for recovering from disasters with minimal breach in the availability of their systems. Having placed an effective Disaster Recovery (DR) structure, businesses can rest assured and focus on what is most important – their customers!

Buxton boasts of rich experience and a large team dedicated to DR that has helped multiple clients not only with formulating the DR Strategy and Plan but also in executing it in the face of disasters. Our DR team works closely with your IT team in order to build a robust DR framework that ensures that your business systems become resilient and experience minimal disruption when disaster strikes.

Buxton Benefits
  • Business Continuity during disaster
  • Significant prevention in potential loss due to system unavailability
  • Improved reputation amongst customers
  • Hardware and software cost reduction