Applications and Database Performance & Tuning

Applications and Database Performance & Tuning

Applications and the underlying databases constantly receive user interactions that stimulate various transactions. The advent of disruptive technologies like Cloud and Mobility makes the system available anywhere and anytime, which increases the availability requirement and expectation. Systems and databases respond to such increased load through slower performance. This is where the companies require performance tuning of applications and databases so they could function efficiently and create a positive user experience.

Buxton has a team of experts that understands the science of tuning the performance of applications and databases. We manage professionally and operate proactively while watch over any symptom hinting at possible performance issue. We handle both short and long term tuning engagements. Our key focus areas for the same are: Database, Server, Instance, Storage, I/O, OLTP, DW, eCommerce, SQL Statement Tuning, Replication, Clustering, Backup and Recovery.

Buxton Benefits
  • Significantly improved application and database performance
  • Positive user experience
  • Improved business performance through efficient workflows