Data Quality Services

Data Quality Services

Most large corporations cannot achieve their desired potential because the massive data pile they have suffers from data corruption issues. This prevents their transactional workflows, financial process flows and which eventually produces inaccurate BI reports. Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, a spate of new user platforms, and complexity of integration flows, data quality is increasingly becoming a significant pain point for companies.

Buxton has been assisting clients in rectifying their data issues with the help of our robust tool and dynamic methodology which quickly adapts to varying client requirements. Our tool helps businesses in identifying, highlighting and hence rectifying the data quality issues such as formatting, normalization, missing or misplaced data, incorrect data, duplicates and many others.

Buxton Benefits
  • Significantly improved data accuracy and consistency
  • Seamless transaction flow due to valid data
  • Considerably improved and accurate BI Reports
  • Improved decision making capability