Database Administration

Worry-free Database Operations

Database Operations and Administration is critical for high availability, optimum performance, and security. A robust database foundation is vital to build and deploy new products, services, and business growth strategies. A growing organization needs a specialized set of skills to administer and manage the database for optimal productivity and technical requirements. Managed Database Administration helps organizations focus on what they do best without worrying about managing day-to-day database operations.

At Buxton, we understand the importance of keeping the databases healthy, secure, and performance-optimized. Our technical expertise and hands-on experience with managing enterprise databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DB2, and more allow us to deliver world-class end-to-end Managed Database Administration services. We provide an array of Database Administration Services that includes Architecture, Design, Capacity Planning, Installation, Upgrade, Automation, High Availability, DR, Security, Performance Tuning, Monitoring, Storage Management, Security & Critical Patches, Backup & Recovery, Documentation, and more.

Buxton Database Administration Services Suite

Driven By Our 25+ years of Consulting Experience

Managed DBA

Our Managed DBA service is focused on offloading day-to-day database management tasks from your internal team. We take care of all your DBA needs from installation to maintenance and keep your database running in an optimal state.

  • Managed Database Security & Proactive Patching
  • Managed High Availability
  • Managed Database Monitoring
  • Managed Database Architecture
  • Managed Database Installation and Upgrades
  • Managed Database Backup & Recovery
  • Managed Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Database Configuration & Fault Tolerance
  • Managed Database Access Control
  • Managed Routine DBA Tasks & Performance Tuning

Managed Database Backup & Recovery

Regular Database Backup is essential for recovering from an incident. Our Managed Database Backup & Recovery service ensures that all contingencies are in place and aligned with your incident response to facilitate high availability and business continuity.

  • Managed Database Backup & Recovery Planning
  • Managed Periodic Database Backups
  • Managed Periodic Database Restore testing
  • Managed Database Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Data Replication and Clustering

Managed Database Security

Our Managed Database Security service helps keep your database secure against constantly evolving cybercrimes. We keep your database in check and proactively hunt down potential internal and external threats to defend your data and keep it uncompromised.

  • Managed Database Security Monitoring
  • Managed Database Encryption
  • Managed Physical Database Security
  • Managed Database Access
  • Managed Database Audit & Remediation

Managed Database Monitoring

Monitoring databases 24/7 is crucial to avoid service disruption, but it is not an easy task for any organization. Our Managed Database Monitoring service takes this burden from you to provide comprehensive monitoring for the proactive identification and remediation of defects, threats, bottlenecks, performance issues, and other security risks.

  • Managed Database Performance Monitoring
  • Managed Database Storage Monitoring
  • Managed Database Security Monitoring
  • Managed Database Alerts & Logs
  • Managed Database Resource Utilization Monitoring

We do it differently...

Managed Database Administration requires detailed planning and proactive management. We take care of daily database routine activities and provide a long-term roadmap by leveraging new technologies and homegrown tools for high performance. We take full ownership and accountability to ensure your database is always suitable and optimized for deploying new applications and services with minimum changes.

Buxton Value

Through our Managed Database Administration service, we strive to meet your business growth objectives. Our DBA experts align your business goals with IT to deliver consistent performance, high availability, high security, and continuous risk management to eliminate any hurdle.

  • Certified Professionals with Hands-on Experience
  • Homegrown Tools for Multiple Platforms
  • Complete Coverage of DBA Routine Tasks
  • Boosted Operational Efficiency
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Increased Agility and Performance
  • Proactive Optimization & Security
  • Improved Uptime
  • SLA Compliance
  • 24/7 helpdesk

Let’s offload your DBA burdens!