Infrastructure Assessment

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The information technology landscape is evolving at a fast pace and growing in complexity. Sustaining existing business processes while exploring new opportunities with the latest technologies is paramount to stay ahead of the curve. A stable, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure helps your organization solve modern business challenges and tap into exciting business opportunities.

At Buxton, we have extensive hands-on experience evaluating and managing IT infrastructure that defines our Infrastructure Assessment capabilities. We help you gain visibility into your assets and provide a detailed snapshot of their health and effectiveness. Our IT infrastructure Assessment services help you efficiently plan your digital transformation and optimize your IT budget.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud adoption is gaining speed, as organizations worldwide strive to take advantage of migration to cloud which could put them ahead of their competition. The immediate benefit to cloud computing is reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and less hardware for IT administrators to maintain. Would you like to take the first step towards leveraging the benefits of Cloud?

Buxton Infrastructure Assessment Services Suite

Driven By Our 25+ years of Consulting Experience

Infrastructure Optimization Assessment

Often, organizations don’t use their IT infrastructure optimally, leading to increased cost and lower ROI. Our Infrastructure Optimization Assessment helps you understand your IT assets’ productivity, efficiency, and cost by mapping them to their usability and service for accurate capacity planning and substantial cost savings.

  • High Availability Assessment
  • Storage Assessment
  • Backup & Recovery Assessment
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment
  • Current & Future State Map & Strategy
  • Migration & Consolidation Assessment
  • License Cost Assessment

Network Assessment

A highly available, scalable, and secure network is the foundation for efficient and productive operations. Our Network Assessment help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your IT network by doing a thorough review of design, architecture, access control, and configurations.

  • Network Security Assessment
  • Network Equipment & Configuration Assessment
  • Network Architecture Assessment
  • Network Traffic Assessment
  • Network Equipment Backup & Recovery Assessment

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment helps your organization discover cloud opportunities to leverage private, public, and hybrid cloud technologies. We have extensive experience in identifying & classifying infrastructure environments that can be moved to the cloud for speed and scalability.

  • Cloud Migration Initiative Assessment
  • Cloud Cost and Benefit assessment
  • Cloud Workload & Services Assessment
  • Cloud Security and risk assessment

Business Continuity Assessment

We help you assess and map your entire infrastructure to identify if your IT and existing methodologies are sufficient to realize smooth disaster recovery. From your assets to the incident response & recovery plan, we perform a detailed gap analysis to help remediate your business continuity strategy.

  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Validation
  • Backup and Recovery Assessment
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Emergency Preparedness Assessment

Data Protection Assessment

We help you identify data security risks associated with your infrastructure that can lead to a high-risk situation for your business. By doing a thorough gap analysis of different infrastructure layers in correlation with your data backup strategy, we help you strengthen your data protection and backup solutions.

  • Data Warehouse Assessment
  • Data Storage Assessment
  • Data Backup & Recovery Assessment
  • Data Flow & Access Assessment

We do it differently...

Our Infrastructure Assessment services follow a Define, Map, and Analyze approach for a comprehensive gap analysis mapped to your business objectives. With our technical and business expertise, we ensure that your infrastructure is technically sound to adopt new technologies while mitigating security risks.

Buxton Value

Our Infrastructure Assessment is aimed to provide you in-depth insights and mapping of your IT resources. Our reports and findings help you understand how you can scale your infrastructure with your growing business to accomplish your business goals.

  • Decades of Infrastructure Assessments for Enterprises
  • Gain Insight, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • IT Infrastructure Risk Mitigation
  • ROI Based Approach
  • Implementation and Managed Services Experience
  • Current & Future Strategy Optimization
  • Detailed Reporting in Plain English
  • Improved Capacity Planning
  • Efficient IT Operations

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