Why Buxton

buxton VALUES


Integrity breeds trust which is the cornerstone of loyalty that in-turn makes professional commitment possible and invaluable. Talent without integrity is like an unruly horse but is very potent when combined with integrity. That is why Buxton culture is uncompromising when it comes to integrity.


Business across the world is driven by commitment – to quality, time, and cost. At Buxton, this promise is not superficial but the lifeline of trust with the client. In fact, it is a day to day, moment to moment endeavor to give our best to the client with a unrelenting focus on delivering highest quality within the agreed cost to our esteemed clients.


Respect is one of the cornerstones of any great place to work. It opens the door to positive engagement that helps establish fruitful relationship that is conducive to motivate and improve individual and team performance. That is why Buxton leadership exemplifies and cascades a culture of intrinsic respect for employees and extrinsic respect to our esteemed clients.


Passion for excellence is like a striker that hits the goal after the midfielders like respect, commitment and integrity have brought the ball to him. All the other values are worth zilch if your heart does not beat for a quest to achieve an excellent finished product or service that delights the client. Buxton is focused on encouraging such excellence of its employee so it can be transferred to the clients.


Buxton’s culture believes in empowering and encouraging its employees. We walk that extra mile to make them feel secure, challenged, empowered, optimally compensated, and cared for. That is why our employees are always excited about their work, highly productive and committed to succeed.

buxton Differentiators

Decades of Service

Proven reliability for over 25 years serving clients and consultants through a highly motivated group of happy employees.

Employee Satisfaction

Commitment to genuinely care for employees through addressing 360 degrees of their needs including compensation, benefits, immigration support, and by providing opportunities to grow in their respective fields through pursuit of education.

Candidate Engagement

Relentless focus to offer a professional and wholesome experience to each of our candidates, which nurtures a culture of mutual trust, and loyalty, leading to optimal productivity often resulting in decades-long partnerships.

Certifications and Industry Benchmarking

A vast majority of our employees and consultants possess valid certifications in their respective technologies of focus, making them attractive propositions to our clients.

Deep Technical Expertise

Everyone on our fulfillment team – salespeople, recruiters, and project managers – has technical background by way of formal education and/or relevant experience in the industry for at least a decade.

History of Success

Our history of success supporting clients with every mode of delivery – implementation, managed service, and staff augmentation – has enabled us to build a wealth of knowledge base that our clients are able to leverage when engaging with us for their projects.

Flexibility of Right-sizing

At Buxton, our size allows us to be nimble and adaptable to the specific needs of client in terms of solution, delivery model and cost to achieve the project goals. In addition, low overheads mean the cost benefit is shared with our clients.