Engineered Systems Deployments

Engineered Systems Deployments

In today’s complex business environment, serving a customer requires a gamut of technologies where one end of the spectrum is the customer experience and other end is the hardware. Between them are a series of technologies such as applications, middleware, database, operating system, virtual machines, servers and storage that help connect one end with the other. It takes a significant amount of effort on the part of business to keep a tab on all these aspects of technology.

Some product vendors such as Oracle have developed Engineered Systems which seamlessly integrate all these components into one black box in order to enhance business performance without the customers having to worry about every single aspect of technology.

Buxton has assisted multiple clients in deploying such Engineered Systems that have freed up their business to focus more on their strategic initiatives instead of being bothered by how to connect one platform with another.

Buxton Benefits
  • Enhanced productivity through freed up resources
  • Consolidated and integrated IT function
  • Application Modernization
  • Cost rationalization through streamlined IT solution