Platform Migration

Platform Migration

Most critical business systems are complex and have a huge volume of codified business rules. These applications may run perfectly on certain platforms on which they were designed to operate. The rapid evolution of technology means that these platforms and the underlying hardware reach their end of life from time to time, causing a business need to upgrade to a higher version or a totally new platform.

It is extremely critical that such migration is carried out without impacting – or with minimal impact to – the business operations.

Buxton has done several software modernization or porting of legacy systems with an aim of retaining and extending the value of the legacy investment through migration to new platforms for our customers. We have helped clients in planning, designing and successfully migrating their systems, thus professionally supporting their transformation journey.

Buxton Benefits
  • Extend the useful life of critical, complex business applications
  • Migration is a lower risk alternative to application rewrite
  • Leverage Mobility and Cloud solutions capabilities for legacy systems
  • Gain from latest and flexible technology solutions
  • Business Continuity through minimal or zero downtime